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Cybertech TLV 2017

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We invite you to take a look at Cybertech Tel Aviv 2017:

About Cybertech Tel Aviv 2017:

Cybertech Tel Aviv 2017 was the country's largest event for cyber, technological solutions, investment opportunities, and much more. Cybertech Tel Aviv 2017 brought together the most innovative technologies, decision-makers, start-ups and investors of the industry for a two-days event at the largest Convention Center in the middle east! The conference included a large exhibition of innovation and technologies from major companies and start-ups alike from Israel, the U.S., Europe and Asia. 


Conference themes included:

>>> Challenges of  IOT
>>> National cyber centers
>>> Finsec: cyber security for the fintech industry
>>> Global cybersecurity
>>>Cybersecurity for aviation, mobile and telecommunication 
>>> Proactive & active cybersecurity
>>> Cyber crime: international collaboration for investigations
>>> Investment and Business Opportunities
>>> Start-ups and State of the Art Technology