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Cybertech TLV 2018

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We invite you to take a look at Cybertech Tel Aviv 2018:

About Cybertech Tel Aviv 2018:

Cybertech Tel Aviv 2018 Conference & Exhibition, the largest cyber event outside the United States, drew more than 15,000 visitors from around the globe, and over 200 companies exhibited their innovative technologies and solutions in the cyber domain. Along with keynote speeches and panel discussions, several special events were held throughout the conference, focusing on pressing issues in the cyber realm, including cyber challenges in the health sector, international cooperation in order to deal with global cyber threats, seaports and maritime cybersecurity, and more.  

Conference themes included:

  • Cyber Defense Concepts
  • Big Data and Intelligence
  • Biometric Protection and Privacy
  • CISO Perspectives in the Cyber Domain
  • Health Sector, Hospitals and Medical Devises Cybersecurity
  • Fintech and Insurance Industry Cybersecurity
  • Aviation and Transportation Cybersecurity
  • Seaports and Maritime Cybersecurity
  • Innovative Approach to CERT and Cognitive SOC
  • International Multi-Stakeholder Model: A Shared Responsibility
  • Investment Opportunities in the Cybersecurity Industry 
  • Mobile and Communication in the Modern Era
  • Opportunities in the Artificial Intelligence Era
  • SCADA: Protecting the Physical World from Cyber Threats
  • Secured Cloud
  • Securing the IoT