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George Do

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George has been working in the information security field for over 20 years concentrating on a wide range of areas including development and transformation of global information / cybersecurity programs. He has extensive experience in executive IT governance, risk, compliance (GRC), information security frameworks, system and network security, incident response (IR) / system forensics and investigation, intrusion detection (IDS)/intrusion prevention (IPS), penetration testing, and perimeter security firewall/VPN technologies. Joining Equinix in 2009, he developed a new Global Information Security Program from the ground up to ensure that cybersecurity risks are adequately managed. Working across functions, the global program included areas such as the development of global security policies a, new security and business processes embedded across business units, development of annual cybersecurity roadmaps, and management of numerous global security projects, adherence to audit and regulatory compliance, architecting security requirements into products and services, and development and execution of a global information security strategy. Before joining Equinix, George worked at Exodus / Savvis / Century Link and Tivo in senior security roles notably as a principal security architect consulting with customers to secure their organizations. Previously, he worked at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) based at Ames Research Center coordinating with agency officials to protect government information assets. His experience for NASA’s Center of Excellence for Information Technology included the implementation of agency-wide projects such as firewall and intrusion detection systems, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and the development and maturity of an agency-wide incident response capability. George also serves on customer advisory boards for several cybersecurity firms, executive advisory for venture capital, and is a periodic speaker and panelist at cybersecurity industry