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IEC Cyber Roulette Event

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Are you gambling with your cyber security? Is your organization protected?

Major General (res.) Yiftah Ron-Tal, chairman of Israel Electric Corporation (IEC), have the honor to invite Cyber and Technology leaders and executives to an exciting roulette like round table, where innovative and out of the box cyber defense models, ideas and challenges, developed by IEC cyber experts will be discussed.

The participants (CTO, CIO/CISO/CRO, COO), will be challenged on a subject about cyber, using a random roulette like mechanism. A short reference of the chosen participants will be followed by a round table discussion and presentation of IEC reference.

Besides the actual roulette table participants, an audience of up to 30-40 persons shall watch the action from the bench and shall be able to express their ideas.

The outcome of the event shall be determined by the participants themselves, led and advised by Major General (res.) Yiftah. Ron-Tal, Chairman of Israel Electric, and by Mr. Yosi Shneck, IEC’s SVP, Cyber Entrepreneurship & Business Development.  In addition to unique exposure of innovative cyber defense ideas of the participants and IEC.

Any further inquiries shall be gladly answered at [email protected]

Looking forwards to meet you at the IEC Cyber Roulette Event, Cybertech Tel Aviv 2019



The session is open to all attendees with relevant conference credentials

Pavilion 2, 2nd Floor, Hall I
Gathering & Mingling
Round of Acquaintance

Major General (res) Yiftach. Ron-Tal, Chairman of Israel Electric

Cyber Roulette Introduction
Cyber Roulette - Out Of The Box Cyber Challenges

Alessandro Menna, Cybersecurity Director, Capgemini Business Unit ,Italy
Edvinas Kerza,Vice Minister, Ministry of defence of the republic of Lithuania
Fernando J. Sánchez, Director,State Secretariat  for Security, Spain
Jamie Rees, CISO, NB Power, Canada
Jaroslaw Sordyl, CISO/Head of CERT, The Polish Power Grid Company (PSE), Poland
​Ted Suen, Chief Information Officer, MTR Corporation Limited, Hong Kong

Event Summary, Q&A and Plans for Future Activities